GOGO13 Takes 3rd at Inaugural APL Tournament

The Almost Famous Paintball family was out in full force at the inaugural American Paintball League (APL) tournament at Camp Pendleton, CA from Feb. 21-23. The AFPL film crew directed and filmed the webcast (aplive.com) and AFPL commentator Justin “Spankz” Spangler even got a chance to jump on the mic with head cheese Shawn Walker for a bit. Special thanks to Mr. Walker for having us out there to be a part of a great event and a series with a lot of promise.

GOGO13 takes a break
GOGO13 takes a break after APL match

In addition to production support, Almost Famous was out there supporting our factory team, GOGO13 who played D3 Race to 2. The kids showed up on the field sporting their new jerseys. The roster for the event included Nate Bossflug, Alan Sanford, Jacob Chavez, RJ Collantes, Kelly Russell, Louie Sepulveda, Dakota Salcedo, and Anthony “Tone” Green. GOGO13’s battle for victory started on Saturday, where they 2-0’d all three of their matches. Sunday was considerably tougher as they lost their next two matches against LA Hitmen and Cobra Kai (who ended up taking first place). But the kids still walked away with 3rd place, and we’re really proud of how well they continue to do and grow as a team.

We binged on paintball this weekend, but we’re ready for more. Are you? If so, head back to Camp Pendleton next weekend and join us for 2014 Chaos Ball Event #1 where there are sure to be more silly antics as only your paintball BFFs, the AFPL, can bring.

Big Plans for Almost Famous Paintball in 2014


AFPL Walk On Nation

The new year is well underway and this promises to be a big year for Almost Famous Paintball and the AFPL. On January 19, 2014, the AFPL Walk On Nation 2013 series wrapped up, with San Diego’s Goodfellas taking the series championship title. Fun fact: The Goodfellas have the distinction of being the most decorated team in the AFPL — possessing nothing short of 12 A
FPL trophies! While the Goodfellas, were the 2013 series champions, it was StiCCY Bandits — a motley crew of members from Gnar Kill and some parking lot pros, that took first place at this last event.

But onto the 2014 events! This year, the level of competition at the AFPL Chaos Ball will continue to intensify. We’ll see the return of Chaos Ball series champs, STR8 Shooters, along with Goodfellas, SD Kings, Strategy, Riverside Optimistic, Blitz and many more. The first event in the 2014 AFPL Chaos Ball Series will take place on March 2, 2014 at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park.

2014 will also mark the second year that we head north to the beautiful Air Warriors Paintball Park in Lemoore, California for AFPL Walk On Nation Cen Cal on April 21, 2014. If you’re looking for a cool road trip, beautiful grass, and a perfectly set up field, you’ve got to check out this event.

In addition, there will be plenty of REDZONE events throughout paintball fields in SoCal. It’s unanimous – the players love this format. If you haven’t had a chance to try out REDZONE, toss out everything you knew about x-ball and check out our calendar to look for the next available date.

If you’re just exploring what the AFPL is about, this is what you need to know. The AFPL is all about maximizing the tournament paintball player experience — both on the field and after you’ve already gone home. All our events feature heavy media coverage, include match videos. This year, we welcome Mike “Chrono 300” Wise and Justin “Spankz” Spangler as commentators. These industry veterans provide entertaining yet informative commentary to your match videos. Check out one of their videos here: AFPL WON #7 Finals STiCcy Bandits vs. San Diego Kings

At the AFPL, you don’t have to be a pro to be treated like a pro. We are all ALMOST FAMOUS.

So stick around and stay tuned. 2014 is gonna be a great year for paintball and if you are from out of the state, what better place to travel to an event than lovely San Diego, CA?

AFPL Walk On Nation CEN CAL a Success!!!

afpl_cencalI don’t know about your weekend, but ours was pretty flippin’ awesome. So this past weekend will go down in the AFPL history books as the first time our league ventured out of SoCal. AFPL Walk On Nation CEN CAL took place this weekend at the beautiful Air Warriors Paintball Park in Lemoore, CA. We’re officially a regional league now!

We went up to Lemoore with essential personnel only (read: only three people) and it would not have been possible without the tremendous help and support from the AIR WARRIORS crew. Cindy, Hank, and Jeremy, bottom line, we could not have pulled this off without you guys moving mountains for us. To say we are so grateful puts it mildly. You have a beautiful park and we look forward to seeing it grow. People, if you have the chance to check it out, the park has real grass. NICE real grass. We’ve seen a lot of paintball fields in our day and this one is top notch.

For only having been in Lemoore for approximately 36 hours, we walked away with a ton of stories, but mostly we walked away thinking, “Everyone is SO NICE.” Thank you for welcoming us so warmly. We are truly humbled.

Now let’s get to it. GAME DAY: The weather was supposed to be about 102+ for the day but it didn’t get past 88 with a nice breeze and patchy cloud cover. The music was loud, the vibes were good, and the level of play was impressive. All the teams were out to win. All of the teams were from CenCal except for Riverside Optimistic, who rolled up from SoCal. A lot of the matches went to 3 points and were real nail biters, but in the end Riverside Optimistic took the 1st place trophy. Genesis II took 2nd at their first ever tournmanent. Central Valley Ballers fought hard and in the end took 3rd.

We’d like to thank all that made this possible starting with Chris Garcia for putting us in touch with the field; Cindy Hank, and Jeremy of Air Warriors for helping out above and beyond — talk about a great people; Reynaldo Sosa for getting us in the paper; the food vendors from Fatte Alberts Pizza and Hawaiian Shave Ice; Matt Barrios for helping out at the booth; and the terrific reffing by CEN CAL Disruption. The hospitality of Lemoore was just awesome, from our crazy hotel, the cool 80’s movie theater/mall, and the people were just great.

Finally, we want to thank all the teams that came out and took a chance on us. Hopefully, we can get more teams from the valley and NorCal to adopt this series, because we’re definitely coming back!

Check out the media for this event on our Facebook page.


GOGO13 takes 2nd Place at AZPPL

730321_10151204273858053_1664658106_oCongratulations to our boys for an excellent showing at the Arizona Paintball Players League Cowtown Open D4 tournament on Jan. 20, 2013. We’ll have a full write-up on their journey, their 2nd place showing, and a little toy keyboard that saved the day shortly. For now, we just wanted to give a shout out to t
The kids and wish them safe travels as they make their way back to CALI.




GOGO13 is an Almost Famous factory team our 1st team from the ground up. We took a bunch of 15-18yr old rec ball players and trained them against the best team in San Diego. Gnar Kill also sponsored by AF is a team with a lot of history with skill levels ranging from D3 to D1 they are the greatest bunch of guys on the planet off the field but as ruthless as they come on field. This is a collection of videos dating back to October 2011. 2013 will be there baptism into the tournament world where they will be competing against the best So Cal has to offer in the WCPPL.

GOGO13 Episode #4 Trial by Fire from Almost Famous on Vimeo.

AFPL Origin #3 2012

Dear Diary, it has been a long year of the PUMP. Today was our last Origin tournament for the year. It was a close one the tournament almost didn’t happen but the pump community pulled together to get it done. I’d like to thank the teams that made it out to support the 1st ever Pump series collaboration between BPRL, OSOKO and our AFPL. The day started as usual at 4am wake up and a meeting with Mr. Casey at the homestead and off to pick up Zach who was shooting video for us. We get to CampP 15min early and proceed to erect the circus. Our ref’s showed up on time as usual and lucked out again as John from Camp P had the field ready for us. Everything was set up in no time but started only 5min late. Now let’s take a look at the teams for the day. The Hitmen were in full force with two teams entered and the coolest Hitman Mr. Sonny Lopez was in attendance as well. This organization is definitely all killer and no filler and we are so honored to have them part of our tournament series. Blitz boys were also out in force with 2 squads. They have to be most tournament hungry pump team out there since they have to run the BPRL. GAT crew was out with Mr. Gene Stein working the D Side. It is always great to see those green jerseys on the field. Charlie Fox Crew (Foxy Crew) came out with Curtis and his crazy throw together squad always great to see them out at an event. The only indigenous team from San Diego was TCP Assassins representing TotalCombatPaintballPark. They had a great showing for their first event and hope to see them at more of these. It’s embarrassing to be a pump promoter and not have any teams out of my city. I applaud you guys Last but never least Batteries Not Included was down from Palmdale. I have to say the BNI has been my favorite team this year from coming out to play every pump event as well as playing some semi events (with pump guns) and to win a PSP format 3man with pumps DAMN!!!!! It started out ideal with cloud cover and temperatures in the 70’s then the sun came out and that boosted it up to the mid 80’s. Well at least it wasn’t 100. The games went really smooth and David Diaz’s Ref crew was really working it on the field not letting anything go, super tight reffing. My hats off to our Refs they are a big part of our success this year. The day ended with 1st LA HITMEN #1 2nd BLITZ #2 3rd LA HITMEN #2 4th BLITZ #1 I would like to thank the pump community for supporting us all year and our partners BPRL and OSOKO. To Camp P for letting the AFPL call home and their awesome staff Shawn Walker, Tracy Ring, John and Tina Svalina, My amazing Ref crews led by David Diaz and Magdo Ruvalcaba and last but never under valued my score keeper/timer J-DUB, the lead cameraman Mr. Casey, photographer/video Josh Bussard, video cameraman Zach Kern (Mass Media) and our announcer Mr. Al Gavi. Well diary looks like that a wrap for the 2012 AFPL Origin Series. What a great year.


Xoxo John

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WALK ON NATION Event #1 3man 2012

What an AWESOME day it was. Thank you to all the teams that participated in our 1st Walk on Nation 3man. Almost Famous is hell bent on bringing back tournament paintball to San Diego and for all you attended a huge thumbs up. Thanks to all on the crew from GOGO13 for the excellent reffing all day to J-Dub running registration to Al Gavi holding down the announcing to Casey Cimins rocking the fader and camera work and introducing DJ Mi Stereo for closing out the day. Our crew ROCKS!!!! The venue was great Total Combat Paintball the best field south of the 78 freeway. We had some wind issues but the TCP crew made it happen for us. Super thanks to Diana, George, Juan and the crew for supporting Almost Famous over the years. The winning teams 1. SoCal Regulators #2 2. SoCal Regulators 3. Blue Waffles The awesome thing is the top 2 teams are part of the WALK ON Nation group at TCP. Great job guys you make us proud.

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