AFPL Walk On Nation

Let’s call a spade a spade. We are geeks, misfits, and freaks. We are overweight, underweight, and ugly. We at Almost Famous Paintball are the ambassadors for 98% of the paintball community. We’re not rockstars. We’re the champions of second place, third place, and even dead last.

Almost Famous was born to fill the void for those of you who are in touch with reality – those of you who have accepted that you’re never going to be a rockstar either. And that’s okay. So we invite you to come back to our site often and join our revolution to celebrate the everyman paintball player. We’ll even take your picture.

Not everyone can be famous, but anyone can be almost famous. Welcome to the club, Champ.

Looking for info on the Almost Famous Paintball League, AKA the AFPL? Check it out here: playafpl.com.

Do you love what we do? Are you interested in joining the Almost Famous Paintball street team? You’ll get AFP swag and the heavy responsibility of spreading the AFP mission. Contact us for more info.