PSP Announces Changes in 2011

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Paintball Sports PromotionsPerhaps taking two of the country’s most talked-about issues – obesity and the economy – into account, the PSP has announced some changes for the 2011 season which should dispel the disturbing thought that the “agg” kid – being smaller and with richer parents than the average working-class-paintballer – might actually dominate in a series where size and money can often be a determining factor.

The field layouts have often been unfriendly to the larger, “husky” player – not only is there the ever-threatening possibility of have to run – run! – short distances, but the bunkers proved to provide less than adequate cover. Those teams with cash-heavy sponsors could afford more field-time, while those hit by the housing slump and of the auto industry where forced to resort to extended sessions of Greg Hastings Paintball on PS3.

PSP had decided to level the playing field, so the fatter, poorer players can get across it. Taking input from the players, both past and present, as well as the almighty sponsors, the following changes will take effect:

  • Lengthen the field 10 feet per side… a bigger field for bigger players is just full of win
  • Eliminate pit-side coaching screamin… err, communication
  • Field layouts will be super secret until the day of the event
  • Adjust position of bunkers to better suit a wider type of players

While these changes probably won’t strengthen the dollar, and will have a minimal effect on childhood obesity, they should allow the PSP to be accessible to a greater variety of players, while ensuring that victory will still go to those with skill, and giving hope to those who, at least in their own minds, are already famous… or almost so.

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