WCPPL 2011 Event #1

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Dear Diary,

I was super excited about my first event of the 2011 season. I rolled up to the field on Saturday at 8am, ate my 2 Supreme Croissants from Jack in the Box, and signed in.

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Of note, there were some interesting changes this year. For starters, there was no Pump! The league has omitted the pump division so none of AFP’s pump buddies’ Porto’s potato balls were to be had. Boooooooo.

We also saw a change in the format for D4. It was changed to real race, which I thought worked out pretty well.

Made my rounds and discovered our pal Adrian Toverada is back on the SD MOB D2 squad and Nick Kacha jumped ship to GS Pirates D2 squad. I was wondering what the hell happened to those guys since the disbanding of the Nu Skool Wrecking Crew. Looks like they found new homes. I ran into Kendal Hanel who is now playing with the GS Pirates D3 (they placed 4th at this event). Greg (Pickles) Pettersen, Daniel Lopez and Reuben Castro have joined PB Gateway D2 squad. I also ran into Jon Jon Kolkmann and Shane Pestana, now playing on D3 Royalty, who took 2nd place.

I ran into Carlos Robles (LA HITMEN) and Rob Abitia (PRO PAINTBALL) and WOW they are completely different people – they’ve lost a grip of weight! I am jealous. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten those Supreme croissants.

I saw Nita and Feddy Cummins from Norcal’s golden boys FUZION who took 1st and 3rd in D4, but I still haven’t gotten that interview yet from Nita. Maybe at HB – cross your fingers, Diary!

On more AFP news, I talked to Karen from ASG and it is looking good for a Union Day – street ball – soon at ASG Tournament Park in Colton, CA.

Diary, I just have to share. Without naming names, there was a fourteen-year-old D2 player who got bunkered in the snake. Right after, his FATHER rages out, “Does it feel good to you that you just bunkered a 14 yr old?!?!?!” trying to start shit with the other team.

Really? Is that how it goes? Fourteen-year olds get special treatment? In D2? Really? Should they have told him to surrender? Just shook my head and sighed and felt bad for the kid.

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Later in the day, the same guy was busted counter coaching on the sideline. What a douchebag. Just sayin’.

So it’s the end of the tournament. D2 GAT Factory vs. GS Pirates. It’s a nailbiter. Down by points with less then 2 minutes to go, GAT ties the GSP and forces them into overtime. In overtime it was all about GAT smashing their way to victory. Congratulations GAT. Way to BELIEVE!

And that was my fun weekend in cow and horse country. I look forward to Event #2.


And now, the moments you’ve all been waiting for.

Check out the gallery!

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