Trucker Billy Cup is a Smash

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Dear Diary,

I was so excited about the Union Day/Trucker Billy Cup that I almost bought a generator. But I rented one instead. Why did I need a generator? To power the PA system AND the people!

The day started at 6am. I loaded all the gear into the truck and off to Total Combat Paintball, a convenient 5 minute commute from my house. It was a quick and painless set up. Albeit lonely. No one wants to wake up that early on a potentially rainy Sunday.

When things got going, Trucker Billy picked the teams and named them. (Note: if you’re planning to start your own paintball team or maybe some sort of club, you should consider having Trucker Billy name it. He is good at it.) Once the teams were set, we were off to the races.

In the first round of games, Little Nate of the Banditos took a brutal bunkering from the Enforcers. After the game, Billy took him aside and gave him a little pep talk which lit a rage of vengeance in Little Nate and you will be happy to know the Banditos made it all the way to the final match. Great job, Nate!

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In the Trucker Billy Series, winners get to take the trophy home and add something to it – leaving their personal mark of victory. Will it be graffiti, a sticker, a Cheerio? I do not know. But I do know this: FANTASTIC 3 carries the distinct responsibility of the first modification.

Here’s the list of teams and the places they took:


The staff at Total Combat was great as usual. A plethora of thanks to Diana, George, TJ and the Refs. What a great day!

Diary, the day was so great that we’ll be having another Trucker Billy Cup soon. I can’t wait to see what the trophy is going to look like after the FANTASTIC 3 get through with it!


Here are the photos of the event:

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