NPPL 2011: Hunington Beach

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Dear Diary,

Well my day started out with a 3:30 AM wake up call and I was on the road by 4:30am. Why did I wake up this early? Duh, Diary, because Iron Legion started the day at 7am. This time around I decided to hit up Micky D’s for a couple of Sausage McMuffins. It’s what I call a safe food — meaning there’s an 80% chance of NOT getting diarrhea. (I have a tender digestive system.) I rolled up to the event with 30 minutes to spare so I talked to my man Chris Laquinta for my field pass and off to the races. The morning weather was great but then the dreaded sun came out. Fortunately, the ocean breeze made it a little bearable. I met up with all the usual suspects Robbo (Keep it Square), Gary Baum (Paintball Photograhy) Stretch (1904 photography), Andrew H, Mike (Chrono 300) and, making a come back, Mr. Mike Miranda.

Oh yeah I would like to officially welcome Josh Bussard on board as our photo/video guy.

As far as the action on the field, it was furious I mainly focused on the divisional fields. Centermass from Hawaii was killing it all weekend. They were a great group of guys (nice touch: bribing me with a box of Macadamia Chocolates). Centermass ended up taking 2nd place in D4 — great job guys! My pump boys were out in force — Blitz, Xandata and Kamandag were out sporting there AF logos on the jersey. THANKS GUYS. As far as the pump division, our Cali boys did pretty well. LA Hitmen took 2nd, Blitz took 3rd, and Xandata took 4th. Congratulations to Total Grief from St. Louis who went home with first place. My homie KM (Kristian Navarro) was playing with Critical Wrecking Crew. He is such a paintball tramp but it paid off for him and the team, which took 1st in D1. I also ran into Allan Gungormez tramping out for TOP GUN UNION T1 and we had a little chat about the next OSOKO pump tourney. That Allan is a good guy. As far as the pro scene, it was great to see Dynasty and XSV in the finals! Diary, talk about a throwback to 2006! Congratulations Dynasty what an amazing year so far.

Now ler’s talk about my favorite division, D2. Taking 4th was the Marine Team with Ricky Axtell from SD MOB and my AF UNION buddy Mark Gaskill, In 3rd was No Cal’s Fusion, now under the wings of DC Arsenal. It was good seeing Feddy, Nita and the boys. Second place went to LA’s own PBGateway led by Mr. Takeda. They had a rocky first day but really picked it up. Finally, the #1 spot went to Tombstone from Saltlake City Utah. Great job guys! Overall, this was a great event and I met some new friends and saw a lot of old ones. Diary, I hope everyone leeps an eye out for our new guys Josh and CHOWDER and they check out our advertisers on the AF site because these guys keep us running!

Until next time, Diary…



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