D League Event #1

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Dear Diary,

Well I had to get up early again but not that early since the tournament was only 60 miles away. Stopped off at the local Jack in the Crack and in honor of my buddy Sean (aka Stimpy) I ordered the EXTREME SAUSAGE. It sounds questionable but I know Sean and his fetish for sausage so I gave it a try. I was headed to the inaugural D-League at Camp P headed by Shawn Walker.

Our boys from the Urban Saints D3 and our newest team TCP HEAT D4 were representing AF at this event. Diary, forgive me for getting emotional but Urban Saints, led by Nikko Budomo, has been with us since the inception of AF and it is always a good time hanging with the boys. TCP Heat a new team from Chula Vista, CA. sponsored by Total Combat Paintball Park. This was their 1st tournament and I can’t wait to see them play since they are from the park I play at when I have the need to put a cap in someone.

I got to the event a little past 8am and, of course, like every tournament they are running late. Saw a bunch of familiar faces as usual. The Reguindin family was in full force — Cesar (Nu Skool Wrecking Crew coach), Peter aka Rat (Nu Skool, Aftermath) and Philip (Nu Skool). Cesar somehow broke his leg but wouldn’t tell me how, rumor is he broke it off in Rat’s butt. Peter and Philip were playing on the Marine team which had two squads. I set up base camp with my buddy Marcial’s team G-SQUAD. Thanks for watching my junk fellas.

The day went by pretty fast and the tournament ran smoothly. The sun was bright but not too hot. There was this one team that caught my eye I didn’t catch their name but they were not using the typical machine guns like everyone else. I saw a mechanical gun with a halo and EGO 9 with a gravity feed hopper and another player with an old school Spyder with a drop forward. I thought it was amazing that they actually held their ground and pulled off a few games. Whoever that team was good going. Contact me. I wanna talk to you.

The good attitude award goes to The Mighty Ducks “this is my team of awesome people out to have the most fun out of anyone here today” stated by Robert Perry. You are a good guy sir. And that’s the AF philosophy too.

Diary, due to circumstances beyond my control, I wasn’t able to make it to Sunday but Urban Saints and TCP Heat did and took 1st in their divisions. Awesome job guys – you make AF proud. We never had two teams take 1st in the tournament so keep it up and go for the repeat. Marine Team 1 took 1st place for D2 – well done. From what I witnessed and what I heard, it was a great tournament. Diary, I hope to see it flourish for the 2011 season.

Until next time, Diary…



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