5 Man Paintball Tourney at ASG

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April 30, 2011

Dear Diary,

This is my first entry in my diary. John said it would be therapeutic for me to start one. I don’t believe him, but that’s neither here nor there.

I started my day on a beautiful morning with a slight breeze in the air. My brother and I had a lovely little drive down to Action Star Games listening to a soothing new piano melody he had found. We got to the field and started gearing up for the tournament ahead.

I met up with a few of my buddies from Redux, Resistance, and Addix and said my hellos to all the regular goons. When the time came, the first two teams hit the turf and the paintballs started flying. Resistance, buddies of mine since I started tourney-ball, placed fourth for the tournament. I was very proud of them for their performance and especially because it was their first event in a long time. Along those lines, Louis Flood played snake-corner for Resistance like a pro. I’ve never seen the guy play that well before.
Remember how I said the day had a nice gentle breeze? Well, it wasn’t a nice gentle breeze after about twenty minutes. It turned into one of the windiest days I’ve ever seen in paintball. There was a lady setting up an EZ-Up at the beginning of the day; it wasn’t up when I checked ten minutes later.

Diary… the worst thing happened. I took a lens hit. The filter that I always have on wasn’t on for some reason, and the front element of the lens was pushed back into the body and shattered. It was horrible, but hey, it’s an occupational hazard. On the bright side, I should be getting my new lens shortly. It’ll be the best glass I’ve owned in a while, so that should be exciting.

Dear Diary, I look forward to all the fun things we’ll get to talk about. With the ASG series, WCPPL, and NPPL, we should have a lot of conversation topics to cover. I hope we become best friends soon.


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