Paintball Diaries: RPL Event #2

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Dear Diary,

The day started out with pancakes and a tall glass of milk made by yours truly. I had a ride along this time – BCoOL’s coach wanting to tag along to check out the action. There were two teams I went up to support – Urban Saints, who not only was the recent winner of the D-League Event One but also holds the distinction of being the first team AF has ever sponsored, AND a new team comprised of some of my buddies, Gnar Kill.

The weather was great – cool in the morning, then warming up nicely towards the afternoon. Action on the field was very fast-paced and impressive. There was a good amount of out of state teams in attendance. I ran into an old friend – Dezhay Caraway of Velocity Wrecking Crew D2 from many moons ago. Diary, has the paintball bug bitten the young lad once again? He was hinting at maybe trying out for the Ironmen but who knows?

Funny thing. Anthony from Gnar Kill called me on Saturday night to tell me to bring the AF banner. I thought, “Well that’s a little cocky,” but whaddya know. Gnar Kill up and took 1st. That’ll teach me to doubt.

As far as who took first, it went like this: D2 – UXP Tombstone, D3 – Genesis, and D4 SDK/GK (Gnar Kill). Congratulations guys and I’ll see you at the next event.


Video by Casey Cimins

Thanks for reading my diary. I know you don’t really care about my thoughts or feelings. You just want to look at pictures. So here…

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