Paintball Diaries: Blitz #2

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Dear Diary,

The day started out with a leftover breakfast burrito from Sarita’s the day before. Right on time, Casey was in the driveway and off we dashed to Hollywood Sports Park for a day of pump paintball action. Diary, this was my first visit to this legendary park. I’ve heard a lot negative feedback from many of my colleagues but I’m a man who forms his own opinions (mostly). So I’ll judge for myself.

We arrived at HSP right on time. A little about this tournament: it’s run by Blitz, a Los Angeles-based pump team. And, yes, an AF-sponsored team as well. The format is based on the PSP format with 4-man teams. I know, Diary, it’s a bit of an odd format for pump. But you know what? It actually works very well. Another oddity is that the field is NPPL-size but cut in half which made for very fast and exciting games.

I got to catch up with some peeps I haven’t seen in awhile like the boys from TPG, PB Gateway, Kamandag and, of course, Blitz. Also saw the usual suspects from Semi leagues and the interview of the day was with Joel Buffington’s (PB Gateway) shoe. Fight of the day went to Blake Yarber’s (Team GAT) beagle (???) and every other dog at the park. Overall it was a great day of shooting and hanging with my pump buddies.

The top teams were #1 PB Gateway NV-2, #2 Team GAT, #3 LA HITMEN and #4 Kamandag. Congratulations guys and we’ll see you at the next event.

Oh yes, Diary. I nearly forgot. Final verdict: HSP is a VERY COOL venue. Thumbs up from the AF end.


Thanks for reading my diary. I know you don’t really care about my thoughts or feelings. You just want to look at pictures. So here…

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