Paintball Diaries: D-League Event #2

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Dear Diary,

On today’s agenda we will be tackling D-League #2 post-mortem.

Morning starts out with a 5:30am wake time. There’s no reason to neglect physical fitness despite an early schedule. After a quick warm up of jumping jacks and push-ups, I was in the shower. At 6:27am Casey rolls up in the loc’ed out Toyota Camry. He proceeded to tell me had 3 hours of sleep due to HO not wanting to get out of his car. He went into detail but I swore not to tell anyone. No time for a formal Jack in the Box breakfast. It was cheese danish and a can of coffee at the Circle K.

We get to the event at good old Jungle Island in Lake Ellsinore, CA. I haven’t been there since they got their new turf installed. I proceed to registration and to the porta potty before it gets too wrecked. On the way, I run into the boys from the Heat and for some reason, I didn’t recognize Mr. Cesar Reguindin. I don’t know why. Maybe it was because he is bald now? He gave me a rash of shit later for dogging him but we hugged it out.

The games were fast and full of wild shots mainly on the sidelines. I got my fair share of welts as well as Casey and Daryl. You might be saying who the hell is Daryl? He is the TCP Heat fan and bother of Darwin. He was doing the I’ll-take-pictures-through-the-net thing , so I coaxed him into getting a media pass and shot up like everyone else taking pictures (plus we wanted to use his GOPRO).

I have to mention the Salsa dance lessons at the Good for Nothing tent was nothing more than spectacular. The day ended for Casey and I at Wendy’s in Temecula where we were treated to a drug dealer shake down. It was pretty cool because we had a front row seat and could actually see the crack containers taken out of his pockets. What a great day.

D2 Wicked
D3 Good For Nothing
D4 High Intensity

I love you, Diary.


Thanks for reading my diary. I know you don’t really care about my thoughts or feelings. You just want to look at pictures. So here…

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