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It was the most heated competition of perhaps the 21st century – The Union Day @ ASG Scholarship Contest. The challenge was to write a compelling 100-word essay on why the author deserved to win an-all expenses paid (well, entry and paint) ticket to Union Day @ ASG on July 31st. All of the entries were compelling, and some might say, just plain sad. So, at the end of the day, we did it the way real men of power settle real battles. We picked a name out of our little red bucket (which you’ll see at Union Day if you go).

Our first scholarship winner ever is: CoconutMNKY

Read his entry below (and be sure to have a Kleenex handy)

Ok, on to applyin for my mo’****in scholarship,

I should receive the scholarship because it is the sport I love and it continuously keeps me broke, I usually have enough to play once every 2 months and it’s always a throw together practice for a tournament which I end up coaching for. Every time I coach about 3/4 of me would rather be playing in the line rather than coaching the because I’m not a great coach, my team knows it too but someone has to do it. The scholarship would be a great help to me as a player and as a team mate to my boys.

Congratulations, CoconutMNKY. You better show up to Union Day. You have no excuse because it’s only going to cost you the gas to get there. We need to take your picture. You are our official poster child for the Almost Famous Paintball 2011 Scholarship Case.

Thanks to everyone who participated. You are all winners in our book. We’ve got a little consolation prize for you, so come to Union Day and get it!

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