Paintball Diaries: RPL Event #3

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Dear Diary,

I had to work on Saturday early morning and then I was off to Jungle Island in Lake Elsinore Ca. for the third installment of the RPL. I got there a little late but what the hell, at least I made it there. The boys were all dressed in their paintball best to try to impress the ladies (that weren’t there). I ran into AF’s newest sweethearts — GNARKILL — ready to do battle and get that first place like they did so effortlessly during the previous event. I kicked it with SD REIGN and worked out a deal with Kyle who owns a furniture store to bring out a Princess Bed to our next Union Day at TCP for some awkward photo shoot for the Union goers. The day went by fast with some furious action and one weird but definitely cool thing was that I never got shot. I guess this means the WCPPL event next week is going to be PAINFUL.


Thanks for reading my diary. I know you don’t really care about my thoughts or feelings. You just want to look at pictures. So here…

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