WCPPL 2011 Event #2 by John Arquilla

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Dear Diary,

I know what you’re thinking. ANOTHER WCPPL Event #2 DIARY?

Yes. My pictures, my emotions. Here we go…

Another WCPPL event was upon us. I left the pad a tad late since my sponsor (PB Gateway) for this trip was not scheduled to play till noon. So the usual 6am departure turned into 7am. Then off to Chino, CA – hearty home of cows, more cows, some dust and SC Village. Stopped off at the local Jack in the Crack got myself an EXTREME SAUSAGE and it was very tasty.

manureI rolled up to cow town around 8:30, jumped out of the truck, and took a deep breath. The smell of manure was at an acceptable level. I headed to the registration office for my all access pass. Usually I have no problem getting a pass. Today was different. After a thorough interrogation about ever having taken pictures for the WCPPL and me promising I would show them my ID later, they coughed up my wrist band.

I headed down to the lower field for some D3 action. Lo and behold, my head ref homeboy Lalo was working it as well as my favorite brothers Pete and Phil Reguindin. Let me tell you that field was not a “short sleeve” area. Diary, that’s not some industry jargon. It means, literally, do not wear short sleeves. The field was infested with flies and the rancid smell of rotting cow manure topped it off. There was a body of water on the snake side where the flies chose to end their short lives. It had a green tint with some frothy stuff on the top and yes, I did step in it. Shooting on that field wasn’t super fun –  trying to hold the camera steady while 20+ flies are putting their shit feet all over my arms. Sorry for cussing, Diary. Sometimes, shit is just shit.

The top field was heaven compared to the lower field. The air was bearable and the cool breeze was nice. Let’s discuss players. Our friend Adrian Toverada was back playing with LVPP.net D3. Nick Kacha jumped ship again from GS Pirates to SD MOB D2, Justin Phillips of Urban Saints was guesting with the Golden State Knights D3, Little Alex and Arod from the defunct Nu Skool Wrecking Crew were guesting on Davis Ambush D2, Brian Moy (hired gun) was now playing for PB Gateway, and Robbo Abitia (Photomob) was playing for SADISTIK D3.

With Day 1 at an end, I left the field and headed to my buddy John’s house and from there we went out for just a beer, which turned into many in a few hours from the Flamingo in Redding to Lake Alice for some Riverside live entertainment. We finished the night at The Hideaway which was located in an antique store. I didn’t get to sleep till 3am and then I was up at 6am and back at the field at 6:55 for PB Gateway’s 1st game of the day. Diary, I sure did learn my lesson. Staying out late and engaging in silly shenanigans is no way to conduct myself. Who do I think I am? LiLo?

Day 2 – what a blur of fun and dehydration. It was video day for me so I put down the beast and picked up my HD Cam for some interviews and live action. I talked to a lot of people and got some great footage but the most notable was the arm wrestling contest between the DYE (Glen Sanchez) and Planet Eclipse (Steven Santuci). Tensions were elevated as their booths were right next to each other. Who would reign? Would there be any Over the Top action? I will not disclose the winner – you’ll have to watch the video.  The end of the day featured a great match between PB Gateway and SD MOB. It looked like SD MOB was going to steam roll the PB Gateway boys in the opening 2 point where SD MOB strong-armed them but from my perspective, it took 2 points for PB Gateway to adjust and the rest was history. The top dogs of the weekend were PB Gateway D2, Royalty D3, and Loaded Inc. D4. Excellent job, guys! You make your sport proud.

Another tournament in the bag and I ride into the sunset, back to San Diego.



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