Paintball Diairies: WCPPL Event 3

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Paintball Diaries: WCPPL Event 2

Dear Diary,

Let’s talk about WCPPL Event #3.

Day 1
We got an early start as usual, even though the event was an hour closer. Mr. Casey arrived at 5:45am and we were off to Camp P in the lovely Oceanside, CA. Stopped off at Jack in the Crack for the ceremonial breakfast and were welcomed with great parking in front of the venue. As we were getting our gear together, Andrew H snuck up and got the drop on me. I guess he got there too early and was bored. At check-in, we ran into Stretch from 1904 Photography. We exchanged some strong stares and then reluctantly proceeded to shake hands. Ever since he grew his beard, I’ve been wary about this character…

Paintball Diaries: WCPPL Event 2Our mission for this event was to film Sadistik and the rest was freelance. All the homies were there SD MOB, PB Gateway, GAT, FUZION, LVPP and my old buddies from TJ Influence. My mercenary (PB Prostitutes) buddies were out in force: Allan Gungormez from T1 Top Gun Union was playing for D2 Fuzion, Kristian Km Navarro of Critical Wrecking Crew was playing with D2 Davis Ambush and Brian David Moy from PB Gateway, now playing with Sadistik. These are a great bunch of guys – hearts of gold and the skills to match. On field 2, AF sweethearts GNAR KILL (don’t get jealous, Diary) was reffing for the day. Those guys are some funny dudes. (HAHA funny, but Anthony is on the border).

Public Service Announcement: If any of you reading this is going to our UNION DAY on Sept. 17, 2011 the boys from GNAR KILL will be BBQing so bring your own meat!

Day 2
Another early start and another awesome parking space. I was on my own today as Mr. Casey had to work. A lot of weird and funny stuff went down on day two. I continued filming my epic documentary on the ever elusive POD BITCH. Big thanks to all who participated in it. Also, in all my years, I have never heard of such a thing at paintball tournament. THEFT. OF CUPCAKES. (Who does that, Diary?!?!?!) This has been a very big problem at the WCPPL. Luckily, I caught the perp on film and will be releasing it to the proper authorities (WCPPL e3 video). I actually had some time to watch a couple of games with Adrian Toverada of LVPP and his Pops. At the D3 finals, the last point of the match between the Blue Knights and Coalition, one of the Blue Knights was counting off the clock and was a second too fast, resulting in an incredible false start that cost them the game. And I was there.

The coolest thing that happened was the final point for D2 Fuzion vs. PB Gateway. Let me set the tone for you, Diary. It was overtime and it was two to one. Fuzion players Feddy Cummins and Nate Schroeder vs. Joel Buffington. It was a nail-biter, and I’ll be gosh-darned. Freakin Joel of PB Gateway took it! The crowd went crazy. This is the 2nd greatest ending this year. (The 1st was the come back smashing of GAT vs. Pirates in the event 1.) Overall great tournament as usual. My hat’s off to Mr. Hinman.


Thanks for reading my diary. I know you don’t really care about my thoughts or feelings. You just want to look at pictures. So here…

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