Paintball Diaries: Ultimate Pump Challenge Finale 2011

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Paintball Diaries: Ultimate Pump Challenge

Dear Diary,

I’ve missed you. We haven’t been spending very much time together, and I’d like to take you on a night out. I was going to invite you to the Hundredth Monkey tournament, but I don’t think it would have been your scene. There was a great deal of fart noises coming from this pump event. I don’t remember who said it, but they got it right when they said, “The break-out from a semi game sounds like the start of an F1 race. The start of a pump game sounds like the restroom in a McDonald’s.”

Paintball Diaries: Ultimate Paintball ChallengeForget the sound though… this was a great event. The pump play was very chill and it was nice to see teams playing just for the fun of the game. I ran into my buddies from Zombie Unicorn Attack, Thirty-Plus, and their new sister team, Thirty-Minus. I’d like to give a shout-out to Beau on Thirty-Plus… or was it Thirty-Minus? Whatever, we celebrated his birthday during the event. Lalo didn’t want to get him a cake, so he got him a burger and beers instead. There should be a picture of that somewhere in this album.

This was a great event to play and a fun event to photograph. As with pump, I almost never got shot, which is always great. What’s even more remarkable is that I didn’t even have to hide behind my ever-present shield, John. The tournament was very relaxed, and everyone had a fun time.

Dearest Diary, I’m sorry for not spending much time with you. To make up for it, I’ll use this opportunity to also upload what I have from Event 1. So you’ll get both Hundredth Monkey tournaments for only one click. Alrighty, I hope you have a great time while I’m gone. I won’t stay away too long. I’ll be down south shooting another 3-man on the September 11th, so I should see you then.

Many X’s n’ O’s,

Just for you…

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