Paintball Diairies: D League Event 3

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Dear Diary,

I had to make some ends the night before shooting a kiddie party. Don’t laugh you would do the same. I had Mr. Casey head out on the Saturday to get video footage also a message from Omar from team Good for Nothing to Casey “Where is the event #2 video!” My primary goal was to get pictures and an occasional goofy interview.

Well the morning started with a banana muffin and a Starbucks double shot tall boy from the gas station. There is something about gas station muffins. They are always moist. Got to Camp P in Oceanside Ca. at decent hour signed in and hit the field. I thought there was a lot of sideline space not to get shot as much, but I was wrong. The first game I took 2 to my big camera and 1 to my video camera and a number of hits to the body. WTF!!!! I even saw this one player looking at me and I was waving no Mother F’er after string of paintballs struck myself and my cameras. Setting aside being shot all day there were highlights. One was watching Cesar Reguindin father of Phillip and Peter Reguindin run down the last guy in the snake. Cesar I have video of it so look out for it. It is always cool to see SD Reign and the boys doing work. Oh big thanks to Jay from 24hr Vinyl for hooking me up with some AF stickers which I ran out of. How can I forget My boys from Chula Vista The Heat. They did quite well taking 1st and from the looks of it they should take the series title. You guys make AF proud even though you guys don’t have our logo on your jersey your still part of the AF family.



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