BLITZ Event #3 2011

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Dear Diary,

         I am writing to inform you that your monthly subscription to “Unicorns Gone Wild” has been terminated.  That said, WELCOME TO THE BLITZ GALLERY!  I woke up early in the morning, put an Eggo in my mouth, and set off down the bumpiest road in existence towards SC Village in Chino.  The smell wasn’t too horrible for the event, so breathing wasn’t that hard.

 The weather was perfect for the event.  Nice and cool in the morning, and it didn’t get too hot in the afternoon.  The pump play was fun, and the Blitz team’s format for this tournament was the best I’ve seen for any pump challenge.  Two fields were set up right next to each other using one Xball field cut down the center.  This called for a nice and compact game, as well as fast paced pump action. 

 This was my first time hanging out with the Blitz guys, but they’re really cool people.  They were on the ball with scoring, and I didn’t notice any reffing issues that needed to be addressed.  All in all, they put on a solid tournament, and I look forward to shooting their series next year.  Also… I’m not just saying all these nice things because they fed me, but that’s definitely a bonus.

 Dearest Diary, I’m sorry I’m neglecting you at the moment.  Galleries will be coming in from me on a fairly weird schedule.  I’m in the middle of a seven week period that includes six paintball events, cleaning my house, moving, and job searching… so things are a little hectic.  However, it’s crunch time right now, and I should have a few galleries coming out in no time at all.

 Many X’s and O’s,

Your Beloved:  Josh

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