ASG Event #6 2011

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Dear Diary,

     Let’s talk about the ASG tourney from October 1st.  Now, I know you really wanted to go, but we just couldn’t pay your entry fee.  So instead, I’ll tell you all about it.  As always, I woke up in the morning, jammed an Eggo in my mouth, and drove to Action Star Games in Colton.

Upon arriving at the event, I found my good buddies over at Malicious Intentions and met up with some of the teams playing the event.  After signing in and getting everything ready, I hit the field and started to take some pics.

 Diary… I got shot a LOT at this event.  I got shot more times at this event since I had at any other day of paintball since Huntington Beach.  My camera was shot a couple times.  My face was shot a couple times.  My body was shot more times than I care to count.  And I got a particularly painful shot on my kneecap from my buddy Louis.  Thanks, man.

 This event was hot.  The temperature was on the warm side, and the games were full of heat.  You could really see the fire in people’s eyes.  When all was said and done though, we could always take a chill pill with the ice cream truck.

 Well, Diary, this is where I say good bye.  I should be seeing you later with a few more events.  Love you much.  Call me.



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