PB Lyfe 9/11 Charity Event 2011

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Dearest Diary,

 Welcome to the PB Lyfe 9/11 Memorial Tournament gallery.  This event was quite interesting.  Almost Famous’ buddies GNARKILL were there, as well as those freaky B-Cool guys.  Almost Famous was repped hard by all the video and photo media presence out there.  I believe 75% of all media at the event was from Almost Famous.

  This event had everything, from crazy people to flying pandas.  Sure, getting into the military base may have been slightly difficult, but in the end it all worked out.  Of course… I did get shot a few times.  Unfortunately, my standard shield, John, was almost always on the other side of the field doing video for B-Cool, so I couldn’t hide behind him for many of the games.

  Dear Diary, remind me not to drive north from Camp Pendleton again.  I got stopped by border patrol.  Yippee.

  Alrighty Diary.  This is about as far as I’m gonna go with this.  I’ll talk to you later, honey.  My next event should be Union Day… and you know those are always fun.  Well, I’ll talk to you later.  Say hi to John’s diary when you get the chance.

Yours Forever,


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