WCPPL Cali Jam Event #4 2011

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Dear Diary,

Saturday morning 5am ham sandwich, coffee and waiting for Casey and Alan. Who is Alan? Well Alan is on GOGO13 a new team AF has assembled made up of new tourney kids and a couple old ones. Alan’s job today was to POD TECH or BITCH for Gnar Kill. Promptly at 7am we are off to Camp P for a fun day of friends, paintball and pain. We hit the parking lot and who is there to greet us but Pro Paintball’s darling ANDREW H. Caught up with Andrew while we got the equipment together then we dropped off Alan with Gnar Kill and we hit the field where we met up with Mr. Josh Bussard another AF photog. This event we were rolling 3 deep for AF. I really love the “Race to” format for us it is easier to photograph more teams. The games were long and intense always going to point or overtime. It was great to see everyone again but it was unusual not to see some D2 teams like Hitmen, GAT and Ambush playing. I did see their players guest on other teams like Blake Yarber playing for SD Mob, Allan Gungormez for The Cobras and Alex Russell for the Pirates. Day 1 was cut short for me since I was threatened with physical violence if I didn’t get back in time to take the kids to the pumpkin patch.

Day 2 rolls around Casey as usual but a new set of GOGO13 kids, fresh bodies for Gnar Kill to run to the ground Little Nate and Sean. The games were even better on day 2. PB Gateway was on fire and the new team in D2 The Cobras was on the warpath. Gateway took the series by after there 5-3 win against SD MOB. In the finals it came down to Gateway vs. The Cobras. Gateway won their first encounter on day 1 but in the finals just couldn’t beat the clock and The Cobras took 1st for the event.

In reflection of the year it was a great filled with excitement and change. Moments like Event 1 the win by GAT vs. The Pirates, the crazy PB Gateway vs. Fuzion 2 on 1 and the changing of the guard from SD MOB to PB Gateway. I am really looking forward to next year and I hope see the same great teams and some new ones.


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