NPPL Las Vegas 2011

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Dear Diary, everything started on a Thursday at 5am picked up by my sister and dropped off at Lindbergh field for a 1hr flight to Vegas. Plane leaves on time and I had to sit bitch at least it was only an hour. I hit the curb and my boys from “The Heat” pick me up at 8:30am. Cory, Ryan and Kelly deliver a story told many times before about strip clubs and blowing all their cash on a stripper named Candy. I check into the Riviera and boy did they tack on the fees all I can say FUCK YOU Riviera.

After settling in I headed to the field check out things. Saw a bunch of familiar faces John and Jerry from Kamandag, Blake and OZ from Paintball Addicts and a bunch of random peeps. For some reason I went to the captain’s meeting in hopes of hearing some news about the merger but no dice. The first night ended at Circus Circus Buffet with “The Heat” I had a feeling it wouldn’t be that great since there was no line to get in.

Friday morning off to the races it was cold overcast a very ugly day to shoot pictures. Diary I’ve never been shot in the neck and head so many times. A funny thing happened during a pump match against the Hench Men starring Chuck Hench (one of the owners of the league) and Kamandag apparently Chuck took off his barrel condom too soon and was ejected from the game. Wow that took balls to make that call I commend the Ref for his professionalism. I ran into Feddy and Nita from FUZION. Feddy was playing PRO with Explict which is really cool to see. That night I hung out with Glen and Bryan from Dye and got some all you can eat Korean BBQ which was very good.

Saturday the sun came out and it got quite warm. The shot of the day was of LVPP.Net their snake player gets bunkered then like superman a LVPP flew over the bunker and lit the guy up. Saturday night was players party oh yeah all you can drink Budlite a 20 foot sub sandwich and Lay potato chips. The beer went fast but I pulled off 4 before they ran out. I was sitting with the GNAR KILL boys there guesting for another team. We got a little crazy when we stole the bowl of chips and a huge bowl of onion dip. Oh what a night.

Sunday the last day Diary it felt like I was there for months. I was mainly hanging with The Heat boys they were playing 7man D4 and were mowing faces all day but got killed in penalties in the finals. They took 2nd at the NPPL and took 1st in the D-League series. The cool thing is that 3 out of the top 5 were D-League teams which tells a lot about the integrity of the new league. Overall it was a great time and I can’t wait till next year.



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