RPL #4 Finale

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Dear Diary, all I can say is GK All Day!!!!!! Well coming off the crazy 5 day NPPL Vegas odyssey my wife wasn’t to thrilled about me going to another tournament even if it was local. So I begged, pleaded and Sunday was OK.

Well Sunday rolls around and Casey and I are off to Camp P. We hit the field running shooting pictures, rolling the video and hanging with the refs. There was a cool altercation on the field with a lot of yelling and hand gestures. Of course we got it on video and it just might show up in the video.

Let’s get back to the tournament. Our Gnar Kill boys only gave up 1 point in prelims that is fucking amazing. They were spitting hot fire the whole tournament. They have to take 1st this event to take the series. They faced SD Reign another one of our homies in the finals. I believe SD Reign also was undefeated going into the final match. They really stepped it up for this tournament and all the practices paid off. It came down to Gnar Kill and SD Reign in the finals for 1st and 2nd. Gnar Kill took it in two games for 1st place and the series. It was really good to see my friends on that podium J Congratulations to 1st place Gnar Kill, 2nd  place SD Reign, 3rd place The Offmen and  4th place NBK. RPL I will see you next year.



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