AFPL Mayhem Ball Event #1 2012

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The morning started early with a 4am wake up call. I packed the Titan and loaded in Casey, Nate and Sean then down the highway we went. I got to sleep at 1am so 3hrs of sleep and 5hr energy shot it was going to be a good day. Reached the Camp P about 6am and it was still dark and cold as F. The crazy thing was that some people were already there to greet us. One of those was Ricky Axtell who drove to the field the night before and slept in his car. Wow that was some crazy shit.

                       Setting up the gear in the dark at 34 degrees was a bit of a challenge for us Cali boys but with minimal bitching it got done. For some reason certain teams were having troubles so they held us up by 45minutes. The matches started a little late but ran smooth all day long. Al Gavi and our Ultimate Ref Trucker Billy yucked it up all day over the PA system with an occasional chime in from the staging area and the refs.

We would like to thank our personnel starting with Trucker Billy for making the tournament flow, Al Gavi for the comedy relief, GNAR KILL boys Tone, Louie, Glen, Ray, Mark and Phil for reffing. The AF crew Casey, Mabelle and Kevin for working the pit and the Sean, Sehee, Patrick, Jordan, Cole and Nate from GOGO13 for helping out with the field.


This was our inaugural event and we feel it will be a juggernaut in next coming year. Thank you to all of our supporters and we’ll see you at the next event.




18+ division

  1. Paco’s Pirates
  2. Mystery Machine SDR
  3. Chula Vista Amoebas
  4. Elite PB Lyfe
  5. SD Reign
  6. Syndicate PB Lyfe
  7. Batteries Not Included
  8. Class Act


17& under division

  1. The Busters SDR
  2. Dope Sauce
  3. WEWTA
  4. ATR
  5. JINX
  6. Teen Sensation
  7. Minute Men

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