AFPL Origin #1 Pump Event by J. Arquilla

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The 1st AFPL Origin Pump Tournament started at 4am wake up a cup of coffee, loading my trusty truck up and waiting for Casey to get to my house. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Then panicking. Then off to his house ringing the door bell at 5:15am. After 6 rings the door opens and I say “What the hell” and we were off to ASG. We get there 30 minutes late and start the first match 15 minutes late. The first couple of matches were a little shaky for us (yeah, yeah – hey we’re new at this) but by the third match, we were humming along. It was awesome to see the best pump teams in the country playing this event. Basically, it was a lot of great friends all hanging out listening to music and our crazy announcer Al Gavi talking about I don’t know what. The Reffing was top notch led by Magdo “Fatboy” Ruvalcaba and the GAT boys and our new statistician JW (John’s Wife) killed on her first outing.

The top dogs of the day were:

1st – LA HITMEN            
2nd – Check It Factory
3rd – Ronins
4th – Blitz #2

There were some great games all day and we are gearing up for the next one. Sorry I was only able cover 2 matches. I was shooting video but don’t worry. Josh will be putting his gallery up soon. He was the lead photographer for this event.

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