WCPPL Event #1 2012

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Dear Diary, I am flying solo on day one of the WCPPL year opener. Casey had class and Josh had no gas. Hooked up a coffee and peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I was off. Got there just in time to wait an hour for Gnar Kill’s first match, they were having problems with the new DYE scoreboard. A lot of changes this year especially in the D2 division no PB Gateway , no Fuzion, no Gat Factory, no LA Hitmen but SD MOB is back J  The day was awesome seeing all my PB friends and meeting new ones. I made a deal with the wife that I would be back by 1 so the day was cut short.

Day 2

Well the day started great because Casey actually woke up on time and he drove. On the way up we picked up Tone from Gnar Kill he was coaching another AF team SD Reign. The weather was awesome and the action was furious. Jason one of the cool refs agreed to where a wire tap so we could record his rants on the field also our homeboy Jameall Thomas did some play by play commentary for the finals. It all came down to SD MOB and Notorious in the D2 finals as the time ran out Notorious was victorious. Well till the next time.



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