UNION DAY @ Camp P 03-03-12

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Dear Diary, I love Union Day!!!!!! The morning started with my new breakfast of choice a peanut and jelly sandwich and a cup of coffee. Sean (aka Little Rain Cloud) showed up a little early and off to Camp P but not before picking up Mr. Lewis Lawson one of the refs for the day at Denny’s. We get to the park and met up with Kevin Panda Thai, Josh Mizuguchi and Sehee Jeong (GO GO 13) and set –up.

We had a little hick up with Karrington and Cory locking themselves out of their car so we made an emergency call to AAA and everything was better. We ended up changing their team name from The Slinkies to Keyless Entry, nice name change JW (John’s Wife) J There were a bunch great games and I would like to thank our ambassadors to paintball Mr. Ricky Axtell and Mr. Kham Phomphila from SD MOB for being just AWESOME. The top dogs of the day were #1 The Magic of Unicorns, #2 Bush Administration, #3 Heaven Sent and 4th Ballin for Stalin. We ended the day with some crazy 10man action. Massive amounts balls were flying blocking out the sun. Thanks for everyone for making this event grow and prosper.



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