Blitz Regional Paintball League #1 2012

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Dear Diary today is the 1st Blitz Regional Paintball League event at SC Village. I was really on the fence about going but I had to go support the sister league of our very own AFPL. The main reason for my apprehension was what weather guy and his predictions of massive weather front that was hitting the area with non-stop rain and mayhem. I just said FUCK IT and Casey and I were off to SC Village ready to do battle with the weather.

When we got there it was a totally different story. It was partly cloudy and sunny, F you Mr. Weatherman. It was great to see all the pump boys working it on the half sized fields creating havoc and scaring children. I take my hat off to Eugene and the Blitz crew for running a smooth event. We ended up only clocking in a half day but word on the street was it came down to LA Hitmen and Check It Factory again and ended with another 1st place by LA Hitmen. Well looks like 2 events down and the LA Hitmen look unstoppable. Hope to see you vets at the next AFPL.



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