NPPL HB 2012

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Dear Diary,

The 2012 NPPL season started off with a blast here at Huntington Beach, California, and this was probably one of my favorite NPPL events. John couldn’t make it up due to vehicular issues, so I was point-man for Almost Famous.

Nick Reid came over on Thursday night (technically Friday morning,) and we crashed here in Chino for the weekend. When I woke on Friday morning, I had to kick Nick and my brother out of bed and push them out the door to somehow make it to shoot my teams on time. I made it, and was able to shoot my teams without a hitch.

Friday weather was a bit overcast, and I had to leave before it got sunny. There were some light sprinkles of rain on Saturday morning, but the sun came out around noon and made for some great pictures. Sunday weather was perfect for photos.

I saw a bunch of my great friends at this event. Pete from Hundredth Monkey had his booth set up. I always loved Hundredth’s gear. Their padded headband has saved me from countless headaches. Oz Rios and team Paintball Addix made it to finals in D3, and took home a 2nd place trophy. I’m proud of the local guys. The guys from Evolution Sports in Redlands made it out for Sunday, and it was great fun listening to their personal commentary of the games.

In the end, XSV took the pro division Gold medal. That was an awesome sight to see, and I congratulated Thomas and Rich when I saw them after the event.

Dear Diary, thanks for coming with me to the NPPL Surf City Open in HB this year. It’s my favorite event of the season, and I’m happy you could make it out with me.

The AFPL tourney is next week, and I’d better go prepare for it. Have a nice day, Diary.


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