AFPL Mayhem Ball #2 2012

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Dear Diary,

All I have to say is AFPL FUCK YEAH. I know it’s our event but damn it was fun. Well the day started early as usual 4am and the boys (Casey, Cory and Darwin) showed up promptly for the 45min ride up to Camp P. We got there in plenty of time and to everyone’s surprise the field was already set up. After the HI-Five’s were done a call from John the field manager looking for help setting up the other field.

3man division started a little late but hey it’s a tournament what do you expect. The action was fast and furious and the hum of 15 bps and PUNK RAWK music was everywhere. The competition was great I would like to mention that Batteries Not Included fought hard all day with PUMPs and ended the day in 4th place great job guys. The top finishers were Team San Diego taking 3rd, The Muffin Stuffers AKA ATR took 2nd and 1st place went to HOPES & DREAMS. If there was a 1st place for jerseys they would have took that too.

5man division had some stiff competition was out there. Paco’s Pirates were back for another go at the title with players from SD Heat and SD Mob. Then there was BLITZ the pump maniacs from Los Angeles with semi’s in hand. The Amazing Larry’s another amazing team comprised of Gnar Kill and other killers for the area. SD Vandals were representing with there d4 squad and for the first time ever GOGO13 the 14-15yr olds from Southside they were the standouts of the day fighting tooth and nail for every point and ended up playing for 3rd. The day ended with The Amazing Larry’s in 3rd, Blitz taking 2nd and Paco’s Pirates taking home the gold.

Last but thankfully before the sun went down was the 10man small format. Which was played on a regulation sized NPPL field with no boundaries and unlimited semi. The teams doing battle were Gnar/Offmen from San Diego, Zombie Unicorn Attack from Chino and Blitz from Los Angeles. All I can say is that there were so many paintballs in the air it sort of blocked the sun. It was amazing to see this from the stands. The play was very fast and aggressive at times with some slow parts which made it great for the spectator. As the last paintball was spent it was Zombie Unicorn Attack in 2nd and GNAR/Offmen taking the HUGE trophy.

I would like to thank Al Gavi and Kendal Hanel for killing it on the mic all day. our cameramen Casey Cimins, Josh Bussard and Zach Kern for braving the sidelines, my ultra supportive wife and score keeper Mabelle, and Last but not least our refs Shawn Ruiz, TC Allen, Ryan Nieto, PeterReguindin, Cory Russell and Darwin Livingston. What a great crew.



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