MPL Event #1 Tijuana Open

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March 24, 2012

Dear Diary, been waiting to go to Mexico for a while now since I’ve been banned from entering the country by my in-laws. I was granted a pass to go but was escorted by my Aunt Patty and Cousin Paul. It all started at the E St. trolley depot waiting for Tone of the mighty Gnar Kill. Of course he was late I had watch 2 trolley pass by before he got there. It was sorta quick ride to the border and cool ride through TJ and we reach a baseball stadium. Through gates and down the stairs a magnificent sight two X-Ball fields set up in the outfield.

We cruised through the vendor booths and talked to some of the vendors then hit the pit areas. It was cool to see a SD MOB jersey and it wasn’t a poser it was Ramiro playing for his old team Onslaught. I called him ringer he laughed and destroyed everyone on the field. All the way in the far corner is where we found our boys SD Reign. They had some interesting stories of the night before which I guess will keep confidential at this time. Also from San Diego team “One Pump Chumps” they started out the day shooting pump and were killing everyone till they lost one. Then they switched over to semi. I guess they would be Switch hitters or Bi Shooters?

The play was fast and furious and a lot of people where getting into a bunker called Snake Uno  A funny thing happened to me on the field the referee tried to chrono my camera. I was shooting hot at 60fps and had to adjust down to 24fps. We were only there for 1st day but we heard SD Reign took 2nd place and the Chumps took 1st. It was cool shooting in another country even though I can see Mexico from my house but when you pass that border it is a different world. I hope to get another in-law pass to head down again soon.



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