UNION DAY at Camp P 5-20-12

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Dear Diary, another Union Day at Camp P but this day was special I got to test out our new speakers which consisted of 2-15” and 2-18” bins. Hot damn they sounded INSANE!!!!!. Enough about that it started out like any other UD I got to sleep in till 5:30am and I hit the road with Mr. Casey, Nate (gogo13) and Alan (gogo13). It was a pleasant drive to CP with conversations ranging from “when the hell are you getting your licenses” and ending in “did you get any good video” which the gogo kids like to taunt Casey with.

We roll up to an already set up field where we met up with Sehee (gogo13) and Dakotah (gnar kill). We had some celebrities in the form of Eric Humphreys and Steve Humpherys from the Ironmen. Steve rocked the mic and Eric played almost every point he could. Also it was great to see Victor Nguyen (SD MOB), Dezhay Caraway (Velocity Wrecking Crew), Travon Jones (winner of our very first event in ’09) either playing our event or just stopping by to say hello.

The action was furious and hot. Everyone looked like they played a ton of games by the way they were bitching about the heat. We were playing 5man on the NPPL Chicago layout which had a ton of bunkers. When it was all said and done we had a tie for 1st with Kids Incorporated and Facts of Life. As you can tell the team name theme for the day was 80’s TV shows. In 3rd we had Silver Spoons and 4th went to Matlock.

At the end of the day we ran the ever popular 10man, this was my favorite part of the day it was utter mayhem. Steve was giving away paint to whoever shot Tone (gnar kill) in the 1st 30 seconds and seemed like everyone wanted that paint. All I can say it that Steve gave away a ton of paint. The last game of the day will be a new standard to UD. Steve ran the 10man re-spawn it was fucking awesome. Well another UD is done time to check the calendar to plan the next one.



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