BLITZ LIMITED June 10, 2012

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June 10, 2012

Dear Diary, the day started out on a late note. I woke up late hitting that snooze button and making Mr. Casey (that’s what my son calls him) wait in my driveway for 15minutes. On the agenda was the BLITZ LIMITED tournament at SC Village and Casey’s first time shooting only pictures.

Ended up getting to the event right before the first game and smell of fresh cow shit was there as well. The games were fast and furious mainly due to the limited amount of paint per game (60 rounds per player). Like dumb ass I forgot to charge my battery and my back up battery. Wow what a cluster fuck. I ended up swapping cameras with Casey and letting him use my back up camera.

The day was fun as usual with all the cool pump players I’ve known for years. I have to say the pump community rules all. Everyone is chill and egos are to a minimum, just a group of great guys playing for the love of the sport. There was a celebrity that snuck up on me and no not Mesa or Aviles it was none other then the King of Paintball Photography Mr. Gary Baum with Fiza Saad paintball emissary from Malaysia. It was great catching up with Gary I haven’t seen him much in the past couple of years and his stories of Russia and Malaysia made me want to defect from American paintball.

Well we couldn’t stay for the whole event I had to get home to the family but the results of the day were:

1st Batteries Not Included

2nd Order of 7

3rd GAT




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