AFPL Mayhem Ball #4 2012

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Dear Diary, What can I say it was a wonderful day of paintball. It started out like other AFPL day’s early rise, but the night before I shouldn’t have mixed the deep fried ice cream with the beers I drank, mucho Gas in the morningL Sorry Casey.

Well Mr. Casey and I get to Camp P at a decent hour and to our surprise John the manager of Camp P has already set up our field, Curtis from APX was there with the paint and the David Diaz and his band of PSP refs we’re already there. It was really looking like we were going to start on time. I guess it was my fault but I didn’t open paint sales till J Dub got there. Really hate handling the money, so that being said we started 30minutes late. In my book 30 minutes late is respectable.

The captains meeting went off with out a hitch with David answering questions and me butting in once and while. We had a lot new teams this time SD Ruckus, SD Kings, LA Fame, SD Mercenaries, Rampage, NRG and Black Sands also our vets and 2 time winners Paco’s Pirates, Blitz and the beloved kid team GOGO13. There was something missing which dawned on me right before the 1st match. Where the hell was Josh our video camera operator? Once again I had to pull triple duty and man his camera. After the 1st bracket he showed up and told his story of food poisoning and the marathon toilet ride that went on to the wee hours of the morning. I forgave him and we hugged it out.

Games went smooth all day to the point we were an hour and a half ahead at the end of the first bracket. The crew had nice long break before the next bracket. The leaders out of the 1st bracket was  #1Blitz, #2 SD Ruckus Blue and the 2nd bracket #1 NRG and #2 SD Ruckus Black. It was crazy not to see Paco’s Pirates in finals but they’ll get them next time.

One coolest thing to happen for me at the event was Gary Baum from Paintball Photography came out. I saw him at PSP Chicago and told him about the event but never thought he would show up. Of course he shot a ton of pictures and stayed till the awards ceremony. This really made my day.

The finals were Blitz and SD Ruckus Blue battling for 3rd and NRG and SD Ruckus Black for 1st. I have to give up to SD Ruckus organization for having both teams make finals great work guys. In the end it was 4th SD Ruckus Blue, 3rd Blitz, 2nd NRG and 1st SD Ruckus Black. This event our crew has really hit its stride, best event to date for us. Would like to thank the Santuci family of Mountain View Paintball, Curtis and Alex of APX Gear, Shawn, John and Tina of Camp P and of course Gary of Paintball Photography for supporting  our event.



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