WCPPL #3 by John Arquilla

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Dear Diary, time for another WCPPL. Been following this series since 2010 and a lot has changed. Teams have come and gone as well as my fellow photographers. When I started the sidelines were packed with photo and video guys now only a few remain.

This trip to the WCPPL we had two missions. Mission one operation Mr. Casey AKA Casey Cimins debut on the still camera and mission two to film episode #1 of the greatest paintball show ever “The Paintball Review & People Show w/ Tone & Grillz” coming out on the Almost Famous PBTV so look out for it.

The day was cool and overcast in the morning then turned into a mild scorcher. Our AF teams SD Heat and SD Reign put up a gallant fight but not enough to make it to quarter finals. There was a change in divisions for this event out with the d2 in with the Open Class division where the PRO’s we’re able to take the field and battle it out. And take the field they did. I saw Ryan Martin, Justin Schwarz from The Ironmen, Bobby Aviles of Infamous, Marcello Margott of Russian Legion and Alex Goldman from Dynasty at this event playing with various teams. Good move by Hinman it really puts a spotlight on the league.

The worst part of the day was getting shot up by a back dorito side player from Northside Empire d4. Its funny when there was no one to shoot at and no bunkers in the area but still finds a way to light up me the Ref and 2 other photographers. Please if you practice against this team give him some extra love for me but being the bigger man I kept their pictures in the gallery anyway.

Well great event as always and can’t wait for the next one and look out for Mr. Casey’s first photo album as well as our new show coming out soon.


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