AFPL Walk On Nation CEN CAL a Success!!!

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afpl_cencalI don’t know about your weekend, but ours was pretty flippin’ awesome. So this past weekend will go down in the AFPL history books as the first time our league ventured out of SoCal. AFPL Walk On Nation CEN CAL took place this weekend at the beautiful Air Warriors Paintball Park in Lemoore, CA. We’re officially a regional league now!

We went up to Lemoore with essential personnel only (read: only three people) and it would not have been possible without the tremendous help and support from the AIR WARRIORS crew. Cindy, Hank, and Jeremy, bottom line, we could not have pulled this off without you guys moving mountains for us. To say we are so grateful puts it mildly. You have a beautiful park and we look forward to seeing it grow. People, if you have the chance to check it out, the park has real grass. NICE real grass. We’ve seen a lot of paintball fields in our day and this one is top notch.

For only having been in Lemoore for approximately 36 hours, we walked away with a ton of stories, but mostly we walked away thinking, “Everyone is SO NICE.” Thank you for welcoming us so warmly. We are truly humbled.

Now let’s get to it. GAME DAY: The weather was supposed to be about 102+ for the day but it didn’t get past 88 with a nice breeze and patchy cloud cover. The music was loud, the vibes were good, and the level of play was impressive. All the teams were out to win. All of the teams were from CenCal except for Riverside Optimistic, who rolled up from SoCal. A lot of the matches went to 3 points and were real nail biters, but in the end Riverside Optimistic took the 1st place trophy. Genesis II took 2nd at their first ever tournmanent. Central Valley Ballers fought hard and in the end took 3rd.

We’d like to thank all that made this possible starting with Chris Garcia for putting us in touch with the field; Cindy Hank, and Jeremy of Air Warriors for helping out above and beyond — talk about a great people; Reynaldo Sosa for getting us in the paper; the food vendors from Fatte Alberts Pizza and Hawaiian Shave Ice; Matt Barrios for helping out at the booth; and the terrific reffing by CEN CAL Disruption. The hospitality of Lemoore was just awesome, from our crazy hotel, the cool 80’s movie theater/mall, and the people were just great.

Finally, we want to thank all the teams that came out and took a chance on us. Hopefully, we can get more teams from the valley and NorCal to adopt this series, because we’re definitely coming back!

Check out the media for this event on our Facebook page.


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