GOGO13 takes a break

GOGO13 Takes 3rd at Inaugural APL Tournament

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The Almost Famous Paintball family was out in full force at the inaugural American Paintball League (APL) tournament at Camp Pendleton, CA from Feb. 21-23. The AFPL film crew directed and filmed the webcast (aplive.com) and AFPL commentator Justin “Spankz” Spangler even got a chance to jump on the mic with head cheese Shawn Walker for a bit. Special thanks to Mr. Walker for having us out there to be a part of a great event and a series with a lot of promise.

GOGO13 takes a break
GOGO13 takes a break after APL match

In addition to production support, Almost Famous was out there supporting our factory team, GOGO13 who played D3 Race to 2. The kids showed up on the field sporting their new jerseys. The roster for the event included Nate Bossflug, Alan Sanford, Jacob Chavez, RJ Collantes, Kelly Russell, Louie Sepulveda, Dakota Salcedo, and Anthony “Tone” Green. GOGO13’s battle for victory started on Saturday, where they 2-0’d all three of their matches. Sunday was considerably tougher as they lost their next two matches against LA Hitmen and Cobra Kai (who ended up taking first place). But the kids still walked away with 3rd place, and we’re really proud of how well they continue to do and grow as a team.

We binged on paintball this weekend, but we’re ready for more. Are you? If so, head back to Camp Pendleton next weekend and join us for 2014 Chaos Ball Event #1 where there are sure to be more silly antics as only your paintball BFFs, the AFPL, can bring.