Almost Famous Paintball League

A paintball tournament series that tastes Almost Famous

On a mission to create a better paintball tournament experience, Almost Famous Paintball entered the tourny arena a few years ago. The AFPL kicked off its series on January 8, 2012 with a 3-man semi tournament called The Mayhem Ball Event #1 at Camp Pendleton. Since then, the league has continued to grow, with its beginner tournament series, Walk On Nation (WON) and its ultra competitive tournament series, Chaos Ball. In 2013, AFPL officially became a regional league, hosting tournaments in Southern California AND Central California. The AFPL has also spread its wings up to Northern California and down south to Cancun, Mexico.

The AFPL seeks to continue the tradition that has begun. With loud music, announcers, and, if you’re lucky, baked goods, Almost Famous Paintball will work tirelessly to create the type of experience that every paintball player who has the balls to enter a tournament deserves.

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